Media Planning & Placement

Point A Media loves creating beautiful, well-thought-out and targeted ads, but advertising is also about the numbers — the results. How do we make the best media buys and create the highest return on investment for our clients’ dollars? Point A Media has years of experience in all types of media buying across multiple media markets, and it has given us a unique ability to analyze the data from all forms of media and reporting services, to create media budgets, and to provide results to our clients with a high degree of efficiency, confidence and added-value outcomes.

We evaluate every medium based on the numbers. We ask for ratings, circulations, households reached, penetration, readerships, past performances, projected trends, key words, gross impressions, traffic counts, patterns, viewerships and listenerships. We look for ways to combine, complement and build by targeted impression to garner the greatest reach and frequency for defined goals.

We speak the language and can translate Ratings, Reach, Frequency, HUTS, PUTS Cume, Average Quarterly Hour Cume and Unduplicated Audience, Impressions, Page Views, Unique Page Views and Clicks into goal-oriented outcomes with value-added placement. We carefully analyze the trends and develop the best strategies to target and evaluate campaigns.

We negotiate fairly and place schedules based on overall ratings, demographics, goals, timelines and budgets. We make weekly requests and review in detail the monthly schedules we place. If needed, we are in daily contact with our media partners to discuss make goods and hold them to the contracted numbers. This gives us the opportunity to negotiate quick changes to allow proper placement and delivery within the timeline of each campaign.

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