Georgia Brewer

Code name: The Paisley Falcon

Super power: Weaponized Enthusiasm

Finishing move: The Very Polite Yet Exceedingly Powerful One-Inch Punch

Representative quote: Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Georgia, the newest member of the A Team, is a Nacogdoches High School graduate and is pursuing a marketing degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. You may recognize her from her part-time job at Macy May, or from her other part-time job as a babysitter. Or maybe you know her from Mosaic Church, where she serves in the children’s ministry and as a community group leader, or perhaps from Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, where she has assisted with Vacation Bible School. Or, if you’re a member of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority at SFA, you probably know her as a former member development officer. If you follow the Outstanding Finance Student Awards, you might recognize her as the 2017 recipient, or if you keep up with the Regents’ Scholarship for Marketing or the Academic Excellence Scholarship, you probably know she was a recipient for the last three years. If you haven’t had a chance to meet her yet you should, because she is delightful.

In addition to being motivated, hard-working and self-disciplined, Georgia has a passion for helping others. She spent the summer of 2017 in Seattle, working as a ministry intern for Serve Seattle and as a marketing intern for The Genesis Project. Instead of heading to the beach, she has spent the last two Spring Breaks in San Francisco volunteering with City Impact Ministry. When she’s not doing all the things listed above, she mentors freshman girls from her community group and looks for other volunteer activities.

As part of the A Team, Georgia is thrilled about the chance to contribute to meaningful projects that make lasting impressions for her clients and her community. Her main emphasis will be the 2019 Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce projects which include the official guide and membership directory, official city and county map and yearly website redesign and update.

"I’m excited to gain new sales experience and build connections with the people and businesses in the town that I love so much!” she said.

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